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72 Woven sew on labels

by Joan


Woven Clothing Labels For Handmade Items

Nothing adds a more elegant finishing touch to clothing and handmade items than custom woven labels. Woven sew-on labels with your name or brand name give special recognition to all of your fabulous creations or keep your child’s clothing out of the lost-and-found pile!

Rating: [1/20]

Woven Clothing Labels Express

Woven garment labels

Rating: [2/20]

by Juanita


Woven Clothing Labels With Logo

Just received my order! I love them!! Thank u very much!

Rating: [3/20]

by Mary


Woven Clothing Labels Etsy

Terrific service. They arrived in my letterbox today. I am very pleased with the labels, they look great. Thank you. Mary Burrage.

Rating: [4/20]

by Nathalie


Woven Clothing Labels And Hang Tags

Woven clothing labels eco-friendly

Rating: [5/20]

by Mary Miklos


Woven Clothing Labels Wholesale

Thankyou very much Service was quick. Labels are perfect. Love the gold and black contrast

Rating: [6/20]

by Sandra


Woven Embroidered Labels

Woven sewing labels

Rating: [7/20]

by Joseph


Woven Clothing Labels Etsy

Woven clothing labels and swing tags

Rating: [8/20]

by Evy


Woven Clothing Labels For Garments

Woven clothing labels for garments

Rating: [9/20]

by EJ


Woven Clothing Labels With Own Logo

Woven clothing labels personalized

Rating: [10/20]

by Yolanda


Woven Clothing Labels For Clothing

Woven clothing labels personalized

Rating: [11/20]

by Myona


Labels Woven

Woven clothing labels with own logo

Rating: [13/20]

by Linda


Woven Clothing Labels Hand Made By

Woven clothing labels and hang tags

Rating: [14/20]

Woven Clothing Labels Small Quantities

Woven clothing labels fast

Rating: [15/20]